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Electric Vehicle Conversion Parts

Welcome to MYSITE. This  page specialises in Conversion Parts for Electric Vehicles

Parts available are Motors- Controllers- Couplers-Battery Chargers- Dc-Dc convertors for charging batteries from main battery supply to 12 volt vehicle system..These are the Major parts you will require for setting up your conversion.All the above parts are imported from China and are Tested and matched for total compatibility. I am happy to say ,that my Chinese supplier is very efficient and does the shipping  quickly and with all regulations included..

Most other components are available  readilly locally  Cables -connectors-relay switches- vacuum pump. Bellhousing plates (For joining Motor to gearbox) are available locally.These imported parts have been proven to be succesful in other conversions including mine.


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Completed Motor to Gerbox Assembly with Engine Mount

MOTOR_COUPLER Boss and Clutch part to be machined and welded together

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CONTROLLER:  Complete with 400amp fuse- 12 volt fuse main Contactor- forward reverse contactors - Speed pedal. All wired and attached to alloy heatsink--

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DC-DC CONVERTER Charges 12 volt car battery from main high voltage  battery bank

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DC MOTORS are available from 8.5 kw to 11 Kw-- one or two sided shafts. 2200 rpm- 3600 rpm

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BATTERY CHARGERS: Available for all voltages.  Pulse charge with all overcharge protection.

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Dual Piston Vacuum Pump with vac. cut off switch  Very fast uptake 1.5 sec to 24 HG.  Exhaust mufflers. In- line Air filter to stop any dirt entering the Pump and valves from gummy hoses or rust flaky Brake booster.  Dry and quiet operation  Water proof ( weather proof)

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